Copper / GI Earthing Wire

Copper / GI Earthing Wire


Welcome to the website of R  K Engineering and Solutions, where we manufacture high-quality GI Earthing Wires for industrial and commercial applications. Our GI earthing wires are designed to provide a low resistance path to the ground for electrical systems to protect them from possible electrical faults.

Our GI Earthing Wire is a copper-clad steel wire that is coated with a layer of pure zinc. This zinc coating provides a barrier between the wire and the environment, protecting it from rust and corrosion. The copper-clad steel core ensures that the wire has excellent electrical conductivity, making it an ideal material for earthing applications.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective GI Earthing Wire, then look no further than R K Engineering and Solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote for our high-quality GI Earthing Wire.

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Copper Earthing Wire is a vital component in any electrical system. It is used to provide a safe path for electrical currents to flow into the ground, protecting people and systems from electrical hazards. At R K Engineering and Solutions, we manufacture high-quality copper earthing wires that are designed to meet modern electrical system requirements.

Our copper earthing wires are available in a range of sizes and lengths, allowing them to be used in a variety of electrical applications. They can be custom-manufactured to meet the specific needs of any project, ensuring that they are a perfect fit. Additionally, our product is available in both bare and tinned copper variants, allowing them to be used in a variety of environments.

Our copper earthing wires are also highly conductive, which ensures that they provide an effective path for electrical currents to flow to the ground. This helps to prevent electrical shocks and keeps electrical equipment and systems safe.

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Specification Details
Size 0.37 mm – 5.00 mm
Customised Yes
Dimensions 26 to 6 SWG
Galvanized Technique Hot Dip
Insulated material Non-Insulated
Surface Treatment Hot Dip Galvanizing
Type Galvanized