GI Earthing Electrode


“EARTHBEAT: The First Choice for Quality G.I Earthing Electrode”

Specification Details
Length Of Rod 1 Meter , 2 Meter & 3 Meter
Coating Thickness 100 Micron Hot-Dip Galvanized
Thickness As per Standard
Usage/Application For Earthing Purpose
Material Galvanized Iron (GI)
Diameter 32 MM, 40 MM, 50 MM, 65 MM, 80 MM and 100 MM
Size Of Conductor Standard
Color Silver
Terminal Hole 12 MM
Lug Size 100 MM
Finishing Type Polished
Terminal Size 100 MM
Weight Of Pipe As per IS Standard
Certification CPRI, ERDA, GTP & NSIC
Shape Round
Thickness of the pipe 3.2 & 3.6 OR As Per IS Standard
Length of the pipe 1 Meter , 2 Meter & 3 Meter
Weight As per Standard

SIze Chart

Model Outer Pipe Dia in mm Total Length in mm
EBGEPIS501 48 1000
EBGEPIS502 48 2000
EBGEPIS503 48 2000
EBGEPIS802 76 2000
EBGEPIS803 76 3000
Model Inner Strip
EBGEPIS501 25 x 6mm
EBGEPIS502 25 x 6mm
EBGEPIS503 25 x 6mm
EBGEPIS802 40 x 6mm
EBGEPIS803 40 x 6mm

Our EARTHBEAT GI Earthing Electrode are available in various sizes and shapes to suit different applications. Our range of electrodes includes Copper Bonded Electrodes, GI Pipe Electrodes, and Plate Earthing Electrodes. Our team of experts can also customize our products to meet the specific needs of our clients.

One of the unique features of our EARTHBEAT GI Earthing Electrode is their easy installation. Our electrodes come with pre-welded nuts and bolts that make installation quick and hassle-free. The design of our electrodes ensures maximum surface area for optimal contact with the soil, which helps to reduce resistance and improve conductivity.

At R K Engineering & Solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our EARTHBEAT GI Earthing Electrode are affordable and meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

If you are looking for reliable and safe earthing solutions for your electrical systems, look no further than R K Engineering & Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our EARTHBEAT GI Earthing Electrode and how they can help to improve the performance and safety of your electrical systems.

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