Copper Earthing Wire

Copper Earthing Wire

R.K Engineering & Solutions and Earthbeat electrode services workforce and engineers design our Copper Earth Wires for various earthing purposes. Our products are highly renowned for their high quality, durability, long life, and easy maintenance. Competitive prices enhance our popularity.

We provide all sizes of copper wire for earthing in properly enwalled way. Earthing wires are used to make safety earth connection at residence. We often get an electrical shock while touching a fridge, or door even if wall. This is due to bad earthing. Earthing wire provide an alternative path for the flow of current to save the users from getting electrical shock. Basically, in earthing all the metallic parts of electrical equipment’s are grounded. In this way the electrical current is driven down and the chances of electrical shock are minimal. These days copper earthing plates and wires are mainly used for earthing rather than aluminium.


Specification Details
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Kilogram
Grade EC
Shape Round
Surface Type Smooth
Swg 4 to 16
Wire Type Earthing wire
Insulation Type No
Gauge 4 to 16
Coating Material No coating
Thickness 1 to 12 mm
Material Copper
Conductor Type Copper
Application Electrical wiring
Armoured No
Current Ampere Up 70
Wire Thickness 2-5 mm