Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode


“EARTHBEAT: The First Choice for Quality Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode”

Model Inner Strip
EBGEPIP501 26mm
EBGEPIP502 26mm
EBGEPIP503 26mm
EBGEPIP762 48mm
EBGEPIP763 48mm
Models Outer Diameter (MM) Length (MM) Internal Dia (MM) Connection Terminal Hole
Die (MM) x No. of Hole
M.O.C Compound Filled (CCM)
46-50 mm 1000 27 mm 10 X 02 Copper Bonded
46-50 mm 2000 27 mm 10 X 02 Copper Bonded
46-50 mm 3000 27 mm 12 X 02 Copper Bonded
76-80 mm 1000 41 mm 12 X 02 Copper Bonded
76-80 mm 2000 41 mm 12 X 02 Copper Bonded
76-80 mm 3000 41 mm 12 X 02 Copper Bonded
Model Outer Pipe Dia in mm Total Length in mm
EBCBPIS501 48 1000
EBCBPIS502 48 2000
EBCBPIS503 48 2000
EBCBPIS762 76 2000
EBCBPIS763 76 3000


R K Engineering & Solutions is a trusted provider of copper bonded earthing electrodes. Our brand EARTHBEAT – Copper Bonded Earthing electrode provide superior protection against electrical shocks, surges, and lightning strikes. With their corrosion-resistant design, you can enjoy years of reliable service.

Our electrodes are made from 99.9% pure copper and are designed to provide long-term protection against corrosion, splits, and other damage. Our electrodes offer superior performance in both dry and wet soil conditions. And with our unique bonding process, our electrodes are highly resistant to cracking or splitting from electrolytic action.

Our copper-bonded earthing electrode are easy to install, requiring only minimal preparation. We also offer a full range of technical support and design consultation services to make sure your installation is done properly. We use only the highest quality materials for our products and strive for customer satisfaction on every job.

For reliable earthing electrode protection, trust R K Engineering & Solutions – the leaders in copper-bonded earthing electrode. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

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